GLEAM Postage Stamp Service

The GLEAM postage stamp service provides image cutouts of the GLEAM survey to the astronomical community. The data distributed here is described in Hurley-Walker et al. (2017) - Hurley-Walker et al. (2019) -

SIMBAD/GLEAM-resolvable object (e.g. J013830-280538) or coordinates. Supporting formats: 1. dd, dd; 2. dd dd; 3. h:m:s, d:m:s; 4. h:m:s d:m:s; 5. h m s, d m s; 6. h m s d m s
Angular size of the cutout image in degrees. The maximum is 5 degrees, as the PSF changes on scales larger than this due to ionospheric and projection effects.
No selection matches all, multiple values legal.
Frequency range in MHz
ZEA = select a closest-match subset of the original mosaics, which are in Zenithal Equal Area projection; the regridding options will centre the mosaic on the selected location and use Montage to resample the mosaics to the desired projection
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